Sheila and David Bush

David and Sheila Bush

In 1991, following their purchase of the 40-acre Sumu-Kaw parcel, David and Sheila Bush moved full time to their vineyard, raising three children in the relative isolation of this beautiful place. With panoramic views to the east and west from their hand-built home, David and Sheila have created an unparalleled sense of place in a home closely connected to nature and their land.

Like his brother, Paul, David spent his youth in the Madroña vineyards, planting and farming the original vineyard with his siblings and parents. A graduate of UC Davis with a degree in meteorology, he is a consultant in the field of air quality monitoring. While life and work take him many places, he finds respite at Sumu-Kaw, and enjoys the tranquility that this special place affords.

Sheila Bush grew up in New Jersey’s farm country and Southern California, one of nine siblings. Actively involved in the farming and management of the Sumu-Kaw vineyard, Sheila is an avid learner, committed to furthering her knowledge of viticulture and farming.

David and Sheila’s three children have all graduated from college and live and work in nearby Sacramento.