Between Maggie and Kathleen, they  juggle everything from the events, clubs, books, to wine shipments, to purchasing. These two keep the wine going out the door to our accounts and members and handle all the daily (and seemingly relentless) details of keeping the Madroña operation going.

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Maggie Bush-Chief Financial Officer

Being married to Paul is just a minor part of the role that Maggie plays at Madroña.  At the winery, Maggie is chief financial officer and much more.  Maggie makes sure we all stay honest and on track.  It’s a full time job and Maggie balances it with the demands of two daughters.


Kathleen Leavitt-Events Coordinator

Kathleen coordinates all of our public and clubmember events.  Since she has been at the winery, we have never seen her slow down….not once.  Being detail oriented, she makes sure that every event looks great and goes off without a hitch.  Next time you come to an event at Madroña, look for Kathleen behind the scenes or out in the crowd getting to know our guests.