Our team in the vineyard, headed by José Brambila, are truly members of the family, and invaluable to the creation of the wines we make here at Madroña. Their days are marked by the work that needs to happen every day in the vineyard — from pruning to harvest — and their efforts culminate in the quality wines we produce here at Madroña.

Next time you open a bottle of Madroña, think of José and his team. Without them we could not share our wines with you.

José and Carolina in a rare moment of relaxation in the shade of Madroña’s madrone tree

José and Carolina Brambila — Jose has been with Madroña since 1983 and his wonderful personality, love to educate and knowledge of the Madroña vineyards make him a true joy to work with. He started as our sole vineyard worker and over time has taken on increasing management responsibilities. Today, Jose manages a full-time crew of four workers, optimizing each person’s skills, from pruning to tying to leaf-removal to thinning to harvest. His knowledge of Madroña’s three vineyard properties is second to none, and his experience with the 27 grape varieties we grow makes him uniquely suited to contribute to our forward-thinking ideas on grape growing and winemaking. José’s wife, Carolina, has worked at Madroña for over 14 years. With an incredibly optimistic attitude and a joyful personality, she is a wonderful asset to the vineyard team. She is also one amazing cook, with Biria and Posole being family favorites.

From left to right – The Madroña vineyard team: Oscar, Gabriel, José and Carolina

Gabriel Guerra — Gabe has been working at Madroña since 2003. He knows every job in the vineyards and shares the tractor driving responsibilities in the field along with Paul. He has a quiet disposition and a dry sense of humor, making him an indispensable member of the team in the vineyard.

Oscar Zamorano —Oscar has been with Madroña only two years, but his abilities in cane-pruning and an incredible work ethic have made him a “go to” guy for almost any job. Outgoing and funny, he completes the vineyard team at Madroña.