Making wines at Madroña has always been a team effort. With a combined 64 years at the winery, winemaker, Paul Bush and his team work seamlessly, crushing, pressing, racking, bottling and tasting, with a vision of creating wines that reflect the unique qualities of Madroña’s mountaintop vineyards. Each member of the Madroña winemaking team can easily do any job, giving Madroña experience seldom seen in small wineries. The real strength of the winery, however, is its depth of skilled palates, which offer varied perspective and imagination to the creation of balanced wines that are a pure expression of  Madroña’s varied vineyard sites.

The Madroña team is further strengthened by the addition of  winemaker, Hugh Chappelle, Madroña’s former winemaker, who consults on Madroña’s blending practices. Chapelle’s wines are known for their balance and expression of terroir, qualities that are integral to the winemaking philosophy of Madroña.

The combined talents of the Madrona winemaking team ensure that every aspect of the wines and style are thoughtfully considered and that the finest wines are coaxed out of the quality fruit grown at Madroña.

Vineyard Manager and Winemaker, Paul Bush, in the Madroña Vineyard

Our Cellar Rat, Tim Wright

At Madroña, winemaking is a family business. Featured: Dick and Paul Bush

“Unca” Don, Paul and Tim in the Winery

Paul Bush—Winemaker since 2002,  Paul’s strength in winemaking lies in his deep connection to the vineyard. His wines are known for balance and expression of terroir. While Madroña wines are a clear expression of Paul’s vision, Paul believes in the value of a team approach to winemaking at Madroña and appreciates the insights that multiple palates can provide in the creation of Madroña wines.

Dick Bush—Dick’s vision for growing and making high elevation wines that express the unique characteristics of the Madroña vineyards imbues the philosophy and character of Madrona wines. There is, perhaps, no one who understands the special qualities of Madroña fruit better than Dick, who started the winery and remains an irreplaceable palate in the cellar, providing Paul and the winemaking team with invaluable technical input on the making and blending of Madroña wines.

Tim Wright— Having worked in many capacities at Madroña since 1993, Tim is today responsible for crushing, racking, barrel work, bottling and restocking. His broad experience with Madroña and focused palate, make Tim a great sounding board in the creation of our wines.

“Unca” Don Bush— Don has been working with Madroña since 1979, having built the winery facility with his brother, Dick, and managed all cellaring activities from 1980-2000. Today, Don joins us at harvest and helps out here and there, spending the majority of his time doing what he loves best — traveling.

Hugh Chappelle, Consulting Winemaker — Hugh brings an enormous amount of experience, dedication and perspective to the creation of Madroña wines, having been our winemaker from 1993-2000 and consulting winemaker since 2003. Hugh’s wines are known for their balance and expression of terroir, qualities which are fundamental to our mission at Madroña. Hugh has been Director of Winemaking for Lynmar Estate in the Russian River Valley and head winemaker for the highly regarded Flowers Winery, a leading estate winery in the True Sonoma Coast.