Tammy Amburgey – After representing Madroña as the Tasting Room Manager for the past three years, Tammy has made a change into our outside sales for El Dorado County. Tammy was raised in Lake Tahoe and has spent the last 25 years living and raising a family in Placerville.  She, along with her husband Roy enjoy the community, visiting many of the restaurants and wine bars that will be in her territory.

As the tasting room manager for the past three years, Tammy is familiar with the wines, the winery, and the operations of the winery itself to help answer any questions.  Lucky for Madroña, Tammy started enjoying our wines when she was a member of our ROCs Club.  “Some of my favorite wines are those you won’t find all the time. I love the Nebbiolo Rose as it is so versatile with foods but also just so nice and refreshing on a hot summer day.  My other favorite is the Fiore, a nice light refreshing sweeter wine that I enjoy on picnics in the summer and in the hot tub in the winter. My favorite Madrona wine changes with my mood, food, and season…but having to pick a favorite red (I like them all) it would have to be either the Malbec or the Single vineyard Enye Syrah, both being so good and wonderful with food or on their own.”