Paul and Maggie Bush

Partners in business as in life, Paul and Maggie Bush continue the tradition of family, friends and community so well set by Paul’s parents. Their commitment and passion for Madroña are evident in every aspect of their lives — they literally live and breathe Madroña.

Paul grew up with the cycles of winery life, spending  school vacations pruning vines and washing barrels at the winery. Today, Paul is both vineyard manager and winemaker for Madroña, balancing his days among the vines and barrels. His passion and enthusiasm for grapegrowing and winemaking are unmistakable and perhaps best expressed in his hands, stained rich burgundy from his grapes and calloused from hard work in the vineyard.

Maggie serves as Madroña’s General Manager. Her background in corporate finance is perfectly suited to Madroña. Most days, she can be found at the winery balancing the demands of business planning, wine club shipments and winery marketing and communications. She is undeniably the rudder behind the passionate creativity and enthusiasm of her husband, Paul, and is an indispensable member of the team shepherding Madroña to the next generation.

Paul and Maggie live near the winery with their daughters Hanna and Tessa. Both are active in the community, having served on numerous boards, including the El Dorado County Winery Association and the Apple Hill Growers Association.